Spa Me Up Baby

I never really thought of myself as a spa person, I get bored in the bath after five minutes. A facial for me involves me slapping on some face mask and then forgetting I have it on whilst I clean random parts of my house such as the utility room skirting boards and under the … More Spa Me Up Baby

Autumn Lustings

A little roundup of the items I am currently swathing myself in. This time of year is a bit strange as one min you are still in flip-flops and bare legs then all of a sudden it feels like autumn and you have to look for your tights. The upside of autumn is you don’t … More Autumn Lustings

All Hail For Hale

Not long ago I wrote a blog post about gym leggings….I own shit loads and over the past few years have tried most of the brands. I know what I like, and on consultation with other gym goers I think we all agree.  They have to come up high, be thick enough to hold you … More All Hail For Hale

Dreamy Dresses That You Can Wear In Meadows Whilst Smelling Buttercups

Most of the time I am dressed like a bit of a boy….trainers, gym kit, inside out tops and sports bras that mash my small breasticles down so I look like I have an ironing board for a chest. (Don’t get me wrong I much prefer small ones having had huge ones but there is … More Dreamy Dresses That You Can Wear In Meadows Whilst Smelling Buttercups

MedColl Me Up Baby

Lotions and potions, serums and foundations and things that promise to make me look younger when I slather them on…. all over it. All over it like a chicken pox  rash in the summer. When I had chicken pox I was lucky enough to live in a tropical country where the terrorists had handily switched … More MedColl Me Up Baby